Entertainment systems

Toilet trivia
We have the basics like a TV, Bose Soundtouch radio's and Spotify. The use of these devices is shown here!
Last entertainment actions
28-Jan-202307:56:06TV livingroom switched off00
28-Jan-202307:55:03TV livingroom switched on00
28-Jan-202306:47:50Soundtouch livingroom on00
28-Jan-202305:54:57TV livingroom switched off00
28-Jan-202305:53:43TV livingroom switched on00
27-Jan-202321:27:23TV livingroom switched off00
27-Jan-202319:30:10TV livingroom switched on00
Most popular TV day
TV usage per hour of the day

This chart shows accumulated data since 2014. The moment of turning on the TV is shown here.

Most popular Spotify songs
327SkysurferAlways Away
320Susie SuhHere with Me
317BlissRight Here
269Julia StoneIm Here, Im Not Here
261MreeLift Me Up
261Wang ChungDance Hall Days
247Savage GardenI Want You
242BlissSong For Olabi
239ABCThe Night You Murdered Love
236Jonathan FritzénMidnight Secrets
236a-haThe Living Daylights
220Rick AstleyNever Gonna Give You Up
216RoxetteThe Look
216Simple MindsDont You (Forget About Me)
Last played Spotify songs
27-Jan-202321:31:00KaruneshFlowing Bamboo
27-Jan-202318:28:00PJ MasksIm Luna Girl
27-Jan-202318:27:00PJ MasksMake Your Move
27-Jan-202318:25:00PJ MasksHey Hey Owlette
27-Jan-202318:24:00PJ MasksIts Bedtime
27-Jan-202318:22:00PJ MasksCatboy
27-Jan-202318:21:00PJ MasksTheme Song - Remix
27-Jan-202318:20:00PJ MasksPJ Masks Theme Song
27-Jan-202313:43:00The SpinnersWorking My Way Back to You / Forgive Me, Girl
27-Jan-202313:40:00Phil CollinsTwo Hearts
27-Jan-202313:36:00Jolyon PetchAnother Universe - Radio Edit
27-Jan-202313:33:00Glenn FreyThe Heat Is On - From "Beverly Hills Cop" Soundtrack
27-Jan-202313:29:00Sofia JannokIrene
27-Jan-202313:25:00Milli VanilliGirl You Know Its True
27-Jan-202313:21:00Shawn MendesItll Be Okay